Interior design decoration acoustic panel - sound absorption - Panel Checkered PC006 - Turbo Ambience wall panel
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Product image was illustrated to present closest to realistic of color and texture of the product appearance, outlook & layout. However, color accuracy by viewing from electronic device is difference from one to another.

Darker line appearance illustration was an exagerrated representation of view to emphasize the bevel design of the particular product design.


For removable & playful solution : kindly use Turbo Ambience adhesive mud to adhere panel the wall or any surface. Turbo Ambience adhesive putty is reusable. *recommended*

for stronger bond solution : hot melt glue gun 

*construction adhesive can be use for more heavy duty bond requirement*


to use Turbo Ambience adhesive putty. apply adequate quantity of putty tack on the edge or corner of each individual shape, then gently press it on the wall/surface, moderate pressing force is sufficient. example : a rectangle in size 30x60cm recommend to apply 10~12pcs putty tack to spread evenly accross the panel back surface.


Product are manufactured by 100% eco friendly material, and it's also 100% fully recycable. 

formaldehyde free, no toxic, no emmision of harmful chemical & no odor. suitable for every interior use.

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